Chimanimani  Mountains & Outward Bound Melsetter 
Photo Album - 1975 Outward Bound Senior Mens Course # 143
All (except last six) taken by Mort Poultney

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Behind Nyagoma

The Wind Tunnels


Morning Parade

Marble Hall

Mtsurussero looking East

Mtsurussero looking South

Masapa Valley from Mtsurussero

Peza, looking South

Peza, looking West

Peza, looking North

Bundi River pool

 Course Photo

Office block

Camp at the canoe site 

Canoe site pool

Rest break

Another break !

Haroni River Valley

Bundi Valley below S. Lakes 

Hidden Valley camp kitchen

Hidden Valley camp site

 Above Hidden Valley

Southern Lakes & The Saddle 

Path from S. Lakes to Banana Grove

Tandaai Patrol




Rock Climbing

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